A Fanzine on Female* Composers and Sound Artists



grapefruits interviewed by Wolfgang Frömberg for King Georg.

grapefruits live at Dublab.

grapefruits live at WDR3 Tonart, interview by Kathrin Weller.

Article on grapefruits by Insa Murawski at Positionen – Texte zur aktuellen Musik.

grapefruits at SWR2 Treffpunkt Klassik, interview by Sabine Weber.

grapefruits at OTIC Radio, KHM Köln.

grapefruits issue #03 on Instruments released in July 2020.

grapefruits at RP-Online.

grapefruits at Zugaben, RSH-Düsseldorf.

grapefruits at Feminale der Musik. Cooperation with ZKM Karlsruhe.

— Köln

grapefruits at MEKASUBA , Alte Feuerwache Köln. Postponed to 2021, March 28th. Artist and curator Heike Simmer on MEKASUBA via Sadness of Missing Out – Art in Germany in Times of Corona.

— Düsseldorf

grapefruits at Palastrauschen, Museum Kunstpalast. Release of issue #02 on Performance. During a one hour listening session the authors present the artists of the second issue.

— Köln

grapefruits at Bruch und Dallas, Giftshop.

— Köln

grapefruits at Currents Festival für aktuelle Tiefkultur, Alte Feuerwache Köln.

— Köln

grapefruits at Brückenmusik. Release issue #01 on Imaginary Sound.

Issue #03 on Instruments


Issue #02 on Performance


Issue #01 on Imaginary Sound



grapefruits is a fanzine on female* composers and sound artists, originating from students of the master programme Klang und Realität at Institute for Music and Media at RSH Düsseldorf. The title refers to grapefruit, a book by Yoko Ono from 1964, who saw grapefruits as a hybrid of lemons and oranges, a metaphor for her own identity — always being in-between. Appearing twice a year, the first issue was printed and released in summer 2019. The authors, varying from issue to issue, choose the artists they are going to interview and write about by personal interest, always having in mind different genres in the art and pop context as well as a broad international spectrum, including contemporary artists as well as early pioneers. For each issue the authors define a topic which combines the diverse characters, in the same time emphasizing the different understanding each one has on that specific topic.

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